Banquet for 5-6
Dongting-styled Braised Pork Belly
Banquet for 5-6
Banquet for 5-6
Banquet for 5-6
Banquet for 5-6

Banquet for 5-6

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Sharing food is an important part of the Chinese culture, our banquets are designed so that you can share that same joy over delicious food with your family and friends. Pair it with a bottle of Chateau Filhot 2014, Sauternes, France  (375ml) ideal with mooncakes or a bottle of National Cellar Guojiao1573 (500ml) for the ultimate celebration.


Imperial Treasure Seafood Claypot

Indulge in the most luxurious Cantonese gastronomic experience - a luscious pot filled with exquisite ingredients including abalone, scallops, fish maw and Kanto sea cucumber in premium abalone sauce. Delivered to your door step in a beautiful claypot.

*Due to COVID19, we are unable to get Dried Mussels & therefore we will be replacing them with Dried Scallops. Photo for illustration only.


Chicken with Ginger & Onion Oil (Half)

Delicate free-range chicken is poached a rich mother broth making it tender and succulent. Accompanied by a savoury dressing and a delicious spring onion oil.


Dongting-styled Braised Pork Belly (9pcs)

Braised pork belly is slow-cooked in a dark soy, giving the meat a soft and gelatinous texture that literally melts in your mouth.

* In order to transport better, our Chefs have replaced the Chinese greens with broccoli. Photo for illustration only.


Sizzling Fish Fillet in Hot Chilli Oil

Fiery oil infused by 3 different chillis is poured over delicate barramundi fillets. The dual infusion creates a spectacular sensation of aromatic fragrance and lively spice.


Sauteed Chinese Broccoli with Black Fungus

Stir-fried Chinese Broccoli with lotus roots, black fungus and carrots.


Fried Red Rice with Dried Scallop & Pine Nut

Indulge in this fried red and white rice loaded with crispy golden scallop threads, fluffy egg white clouds and topped with pine nuts for a healthier choice.



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