Jellyfish with Sichuan Sauce
Slice Pork Garlic Sauce
Appetizer Combo 2
Appetizer Combo 2

Appetizer Combo 2

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Jellyfish with Sichuan Sauce   

Jellyfish is great at soaking up the flavours of the traditional Sichuan mala sauce and provides an interesting texture to this cold dish.


Sliced Pork Garlic Sauce

Pork belly is boiled in a simple broth until perfect doneness, then sliced and served with a garlicky chilli oil dipping sauce. Each slice offers a full spectrum of textures and flavours for an authentic Sichuan taste.


Green Peppercorn Oil Chicken

Poached chicken is drizzled with a green peppercorn, soy sauce dressing & topped with shredded leek & shallot oil.


Crushed Cucumber, Black Fungus & Lotus Root   

Cucumbers are crushed and tossed together with black fungus and lotus root in a light soy garlic dressing. A refreshing treat!


* All our appetizers are served cold. Photo for illustration only.


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